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Physical freight goes its way - so does the necessary digital freight. Welcome to RheinPorts, the first multi-port community system for the hinterland.

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Clear focus: connecting inland navigation on a common, digital infrastructure

At RheinPorts, we connect and digitize inland shipping with the associated port industry to integrate it more efficiently into logistics chains. To this end, we want to establish our RiverPorts Planning and Information System (RPIS) as a sustainable standard system for inland ports and multimodal logistics clusters on the Rhine and in the European hinterland.


We make logistics chains more efficient

With an integrated service platform from a neutral source, we make processes more transparent and resources easier to plan. This increases efficiency for all users, reduces operating costs, and improves service quality.

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We connect locations neutrally and proactively

With RheinPorts and RPIS, the Rhine ports are moving closer together on a common, digital infrastructure. Individual processes and technologies are optimized and coordinated. Together, we identify and solve overarching problems.

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We develop further together

Together with the community, we expand RPIS both functionally and geographically.
The larger the community, the greater the added value for its members. Our RPIS does not compete with existing systems, but provides open, configurable interfaces to support the sustainable exchange of data between different systems and user groups.

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The largest network along the Rhine

Our goal is to unite the logistics port industry in the European hinterland in a network quickly, securely and across company, country and waterway borders. In this way, the data and information required for the processes are to be exchanged among each other as simply and barrier-free as possible.

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RPIS – The World's First Multi Port Community System for Inland Navigation

What has already existed and been successfully used for years as the Port Community System (PCS) in seaports is now also available for inland ports in the form of the RiverPorts Planning and Information System (RPIS). Tailored to the specific user groups and processes of inland shipping, it enables ports and the associated port industry to shape the digital transformation. RheinPorts tackles this challenging task for you!

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RheinPorts GmbH

The history of RheinPorts began in the late 2000s when several Rhine ports joined forces to identify business requirements for a common digital infrastructure.
Today's RheinPorts GmbH was then founded in 2017 by the ports in the tri-border region of Switzerland, France and Germany. In 2022, Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) joined the GmbH as an additional shareholder.

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